Saturday, July 11, 2009


The following are some pre-production artworks for Del Monte Philippines' animation project. One of the very first project I encountered that really demanded time, love and attention. naks! the first six are illustrated by the great Von Caro.

The project however demanding it was, turned out to be fun to do. The credit of course, will have to go to our creative director The Gorio Vicuna. He actually allowed us to have fun in doing the project. ergo he actually allowed us to insert our names in the background design! The idea's actually so great, our grafitti names were eventually booted out in replace by the marketing team's name. Who can blame them? heh!

Character design by The Gorio Vicuna.

And for my final note, not regarding the project above, here's a little something for you grace. It actually rained on the night you left me. Thank you for everything. :)

Creative Director: Gorio Vicuna
Preprod Illustration:
Gorio Vicuna, Von Caro
Colorist: Gabriel M. dela Cruz, Sandy Villagracia
Animation: Mike Brum, Lizbeth Macaraig, Ponsi, Emil


Anonymous said...

Thank you Gabe. -grace

karaiwashi said...

I love this commercial. Pang kiddo talaga. :) Pero natawa ako, may lyrics pa so kids could sing along. haha. :) nice one.

Lloyd said...

kayo pala gumawa sa add na yan!!! WTF!! hehe!! ang galeng!!!! i can see the influences ha..hehe