Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lechon Festival

Following are the preprod designs for the Department of Tourism's Batangas' Lechon Festival

Creative Director: Gorio Vicuna
Art Direction: Gabriel M. dela Cruz, Edgar Fedilo
Animation: Mike Brum, Lizbeth Macaraig, Ponsi, Emil

(Be posting their complete name as soon as I find out!)

Also, I'll try to post the animation as soon as I receive a copy. The operative word here is "I'll try" Hah!


Anonymous said...

Ang galing niyo naman po. Kelan po ang lechon festival?

Gabo dela Cruz said...

Sorry anonymous. Took me quite a while to say thank you.

You missed it. I understand lechon festival just happened in Balayan Batangas back in June. No specific date in particular though.