Wednesday, February 21, 2007


still familiarizing myself with these art blogging world. in the mean time, allow me to introduce you to Lumaig. one of the heroes who'll be participating in the epic war of kahimanawari. correct me if i'm wrong me fellow artist... we are actually on the fourth book? yes? so for some catch up, i do recommend you visiting the blog daddy of this great epic...

the site of my friend jon zamar. an artist/writer/model and also responsible for letting me in on this great story. yes. it's not a typo! nyahaha...

i hate guys like him!you know the kind who can write and draw at the same time. baaah! hehe! but of course i meant it with lots of love bro! so please check it out! it's a good read!

see yeah all next post! still have a lot of catching up to do. :) by the way, i'm also still familiarizing myself with the blogging toolbars, controls... whatever! i apologize for the messy blog.

be kind people.