Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mural for Krazy Garlik

We've been commissioned to create a mural design with the theme of Alice in Wonderland, but make it garliky!

The following are the final character (tribute :P) designs...

...And the following are some of the layout studies initially submitted by Zands and I.

Here's the final background artwork...

...And just for the heck of it, here's the background without the characters. Ey! Might as well include it in! :)


Character Design and Color: Gabe dela Cruz, Zandy Villagracia
Background Design and Color: Gabe dela Cruz, Zandy Villagracia


Lloyd said...

Papii!!! wag mo nmang masyadong galingan ey!..pahabulin mo nman ako kahit konti..hehehe!!!...ganda nito ah!! idol kita papii!

Gabeng dela Cruz said...

meron bang like sa comment? :D thank you!

Anonymous said...

Narinig mo un?
Napabuntong hininga ako eh.

galeng galeng!


eyesberg_bluesky said...

wow astig talaga ang coloring!