Friday, October 26, 2007

BayanTel Monkeys

Fernando Alonso not winning the Formula 1 cup championship, UAAP dreams down the drain, Losing bets, Why - Why's, Issues, and then some more and yes.. More issues. I'm glad after all this minor setbacks, I can still manage to see this hard times as some what colorful. Ach! Will do. Will do.

And every time such issues drain me dead, I try to pull my self up and get busy... or at least try to! Which is why, I do tend to reorganize some of my stuffs and delete some junks. But some junks are just to priceless to be deleted and deserves some special attention too!! Well, not that it's some sort of a priceless art?! Still, I treat all my illustrations as my babies!!!

While deleting my overflowing junk e-mails, I discovered some project Jon and I were busy doing early this year ...Although, we still have no idea if the illustration was used by the company, I decided to play around with the color as it was originally done in good bright colors! and lately I've been trying to copy the, hmm how'd you call it - the nostalgic feel - of Paul Conrad's work.

HAH! Nostalgic!

My deepest apologies if I'm mistaken for any wrong terminologies. Any how, visit
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P.S. And the nostalgic approach is not all that I'm giving 'tribute' too!

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Aine said...

ahhhhh... so that's wat this blog is all about...losing from your bets,eh?!?!?!? well... GAMBLING IS BAD!...especially if unlucky enough to LOSE from all your bets and OWE your friends BOOKS.. hehehehee..

miss u gabe.. dont visit my blog...=)