Thursday, August 02, 2007

Post lang ng Post

Here is the illustration i made for the Berebentot section of The Pillars.

For "Artsy Fartsy" purposes, I rendered some color to the illustration to give it a little life, since the original output is in black and white.

...And as for the meaning of 'Berebentot' I'll try to find out next time.

The operational word here is

"I'll try"



Aine said...
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Aine said...

beribentot.. by definiton, and according to thePILLARS dictionary, its actually a means by which sarcasm gives color to a boring news. its the use of languages that suit the crazy mind of every Atenean..

heehehe..ok ba bakla?

Pen_tados said...

Beribentot is a thousand word article consists of COMMENTARY, blind items, gossips, sarcasms and other kachorvahan that is enjoyed by Ateneans. It is a tradition in ThePILLARS publication.

As to who is Beribentot, He is still unknown and to be kept unknown.hehehe

Anonymous said...


Gabeng de laCruz said...

4 years after the posting date... i now know! thank you!!!